About Everlast Solutions Corp

Everlast Solutions Corp. provides full service interior and exterior building restoration, historic building restoration and preservation services and solutions on a wide range of projects for developers, building owners, institutional, retail and government clients across the New York metropolitan area. Everlast Solutions Corp. Believes that the client relationship goes beyond the final move-in stage, that's why we are committed to make ourselves available to facilitate assistance as an on-going resource long after the project is completed.


At Everlast Solutions Corp., safety isn't just an afterthought or part-time effort. Safety is integrated into everything we do, plan, facilitate or manage so that it is part of every aspect of the construction plan and implementation, this is accomplished by reviewing each project site and evaluating the work to be performed before the work commences. When everyone is encouraged to be safe and conscious, safer jobsites becomes a reality that's why it is required that every employee has taken an OSHA Construction Safety Course.


• Develop and maintain the trust of those we work for and with
• Deliver a final product that goes beyond the expectations of those who entrust their project to us.
• Deliver superior service while adhering to the highest ethical standards
• Build a positive relationship with every client we encounter